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BASIC Membership Benefits:

  • Upload and maintain your dating profile.
  • Search and browse other member profiles.
  • Reply to private messages from others who have full membership benefits.

  • Basic Membership is available at no cost to those who have completed their first week of full membership. See details under "Subscription Options" below.

FULL Membership Benefits:

  • Initiate new private messages to any member.
  • Get priority listing and higher visibility in search results.
  • Show genuine interest and intention as a subscribed member.

  • Full membership has several options for weekly, monthy and quarterly. See details below.

Subscription Options :

  1. Verification + 1 Week Full Membership - USD $7.99:

    This option is only available as part of profile verification during initial signup. This is a non-recurring (one-time only) fee. After the first week your full membership converts to a basic membership which is free. Please note that there is a 24 to 48 hours turnaround time in processing approvals for first-time sign-ups. Your first week of full membership status begins from the time your profile is approved.

  2. FULL Membership is available at USD $9.99/Weekly, $19.99/Monthly or $39.99/Quarterly:

    This is a recurring fee meaning the subscription renews automatically, until you choose to cancel it. You do not need to give any reason to cancel and you can cancel the subscription yourself at any time of your choosing.

We do not store any credit card information. Payment is processed via Paypal's secure site. On Paypal's payment page we will show as Service Operated by CGSOLS Enterprises. We are a Paypal verified Canadian business referred to as Non-US Verified Business Member.


If you have any specific questions send us a message directly. We try to answer all serious inquiries.

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