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One of the recent trends in the online dating industry has been the increased proliferation of the casual dating scene. Serious relationship dating is an exact opposite of that.

While sites that promote "Friends with Benefits", "No Strings attached (NSA)" or "extra-marital affairs" are on the extreme end of it, others promoting speed dating, hook-ups and flings have increasingly raised the bar for those who are looking forward to dating with the end goal of being in a serious relationship.

Dating with an honest intention. No Games, No Players.

Upto about a certain age most may not mind being players, which is casually dating and having sex without any intention of getting together for a long term relationship. But as people hit their late 20's they are in search of their life partner although they may not be explicit about it. No one wants to feel pressured when they barely even know each other.

This is exactly the point where a problem is also introduced. The problem is this : Assume Person A and Person B have started dating each other. At some point after initial introductions, Person A is thinking: "I will have a good time and even get intimate with Person B but I do not see person B as my long-term soul mate". Person B thinks: "I see someone in Person A who I would love to get to know more and possibly become life partners if everything falls into place".

Unfortunately this situation plays out all too often where one person is getting played upon. While Person B is engaging in an honest effort to explore a long term potential, person A has already made up his / her mind in a different way.

A pledge

We expect our members on here to be seeking a long term relationship. Hopefully this site serves as an online venue for those who are looking for just that.

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